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I became interested in video production at an early age which ignited my passion for the art of movie making, and it has been integrated into my life ever since. In a world prior to phone cameras and selfie sticks, I was fortunate enough to begin working with a professional camera at the age of 13, which allowed me to experience and explore filming and editing videos. During my college years, I established my own company, providing video production services to local businesses and working on short films and movie intro credits for feature films.

Shortly after college, I joined a leading international hair product company where I was able to expand my understanding and knowledge of corporate video needs. During this time, I traveled and worked with top stylists in the industry and was able to gain a deeper understanding of fashion, lighting, composition, directing shoots, photography and marketing in addition to video production and editing.

Years later, I embarked on a trip around the world to diversify my portfolio, explore international perspectives, and perfect my craft. Upon my return from a life-changing trip, I have been working on numerous projects – the most recent involving portraying compelling visual stories in new and interesting ways.

I am always ready for the next project, bringing years of experience and passion.

I guarantee full compliance with US and international regulations and policies specific to the commercial UAV industry. I am a certified pilot adhering to the rules and requirements of national shared airspace.

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